Sock ‘N’ Roll


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Don't you just hate it: a huge pile of socks that need to be paired… but they all look the damn same!!

Well fret no more, our sock pairer clips are here to make your life so much better. Just stick your socks in the clips when you take them off, and then throw them all in the wash without a care in the world.

The clips' special material is highly resistant – to sustain high temperatures – but be soft enough not to damage your washing machine or other clothes, all while keeping a tight grip on those pesky socks. Once the cycle is done all you need to do is hang them to dry with their integrated hook. And voila': your socks washed, paired and dried.

They could probably make coffee too, if you asked nicely 😉

  • Set of 6 clips
  • Washing machine safe material
  • Integrated clip for easy hanging

In stock

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