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Picture the scene: sun’s out, you’re barbequing with friends in your back yard, ice cold beer in hand. And then nature calls. But then you’re back in a flash, faster than light and… wait, wait, wait! Which beer was mine again?!?

With our set of 6 Can-gsters drink markers, no beer gets left behind (or wine or cola or whatever, they don’t discriminate!). Their elastic band fits perfectly to cans, bottles, glasses and even champagne flutes (you know, for when it’s time to crack the Cristal open).

Now these are Can-gsters with real street cred!

  • Set of six drink markers, in different colors
  • Soft elastic silicone, stretchy band
  • Fit wide range of cans, bottles, glasses, flutes
  • Fully pimp your bottles with our Snapcaps companion bottle caps

In stock

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